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We encourage all women of any ethnicity to come out and meet the sisters to discover what Sigma Omicron Pi is all about. If there are any questions please view the Contact Us section, or feel free to contact any member of Sigma Omicron Pi. We are more than happy to answer all of your questions.

 *All names are listed in alphabetical order by last name, not by the order they are seen in the picture.

Charter Class - Spring 1992

Stella Mark, Trang Nguyen, Ana Santarina, Maxine Tse, Marlena Wan, Lora Wong, Robyn Wu, Nicole Young


Alpha Class  - Fall 1992

Karen Gee, Shari Giang, Serena Kwan, Didi Ricasa, Jessica Tran

Pledge Moms: Nicole Young & Trang Nguyen


Beta Class - Fall 1993

Julie Do, Vicky Saiprasert, Colleen Suzuki, Trinity Vo, Angela Wong

Pledge Moms: Shari Giang & Ana Santarina


Gamma Class - Spring 1994

Khanh Diep, Cindy Hoang, Julie Tsunekawa

Pledge Mom: Karen Gee


Delta Class - Fall 1994

Diana Jeong, Sandia Lo, Lena Ngo, Phuong Truong

Pledge Moms: Colleen Suzuki & Vicky Saiprasert


Epsilon Class - Spring 1995

Sachiko Iwata, Catherina Lee, Lisa Ly, Suzanne Ogi, Phillina Wun

Pledge Moms: Cindy Hoang & Julie Tsunekawa


Zeta Class - Fall 1005

Esther Chen, Elaine Young

Pledge Moms: Trinity Vo & Angela Wong


Eta Class - Spring 1996

Jennifer Chiang, Tina Fan, Lilly Ly, Kelly Morrow, Ivy Phan, Michele Tom, Le Truong

Pledge Moms: Lena Ngo & Sandia Lo


Theta Class - Fall 1996

Sunny Ho, Vivian Lam, Eugena Lee, Jane Tran, Kristine Yanga

Pledge Mom: Lisa Ly


Iota Class - Spring 1997

Darlene Guerrero, Caryn Lim, Tiffany Tamura

Pledge Mom: Elaine Young


Kappa Class - Fall 1997

Pydrah Chargualaf, Robyn Inaba, Cynthia Kwok, Quan Mai, Eliza Sul, Ria Tuason

Pledge Mom: Esther Chen


Mu Class - Fall 1998

Sheryl Calimquim, Helen Chou, Linda Huynh, Wendy Morimoto, Kari Quan

Pledge Mom: Eugena Lee


Nu Class - Spring 1999

Cathy Huang, Christina Ip, Annabelle Lim, Therese Robles, Danica Toy, Grace Victoria

Pledge Mom: Tiffany Tamura


Xi Class - Fall 1999

Ethel Pacis, Brenda Tilos, April Trinidad

Pledge Mom: Caryn Lim


Omicron Class - Spring 2000

Alvernia Fernandez, Diana Fong, Serena Kwong, Sharlene Lee, Leanne Louie, Kriselle Punla, Christine Tom, Jennifer Tran, Naomi Xaya, Sujata Yok

Pledge Mom: Vivian Lam


Pi Class - Fall 2000

Mimi Kwong, Nhung Nguyen, Amy Wong

Pledge Mom: Robyn Inaba


Rho Class - Fall 2001

Janet Chiu, Jennifer Naval

Pledge Mom: Cathy Huang


Sigma Class - Spring 2002

Jenny Galvez, Carrie Ho, Vicky Ngo, Hoa Tran

Pledge Mom: Pydrah Chargualaf


Tau Class - Fall 2002

Nicole Chan, Hellen Dinh, Tiadora Kim

Pledge Mom: Sujata Yok


Upsilon Class - Spring 2003

Sandy Chan, Christina Cheung, Sophia Lau, Candice Li, Tammy Son

Pledge Mom: Amy Wong


Phi Class - Fall 2003

Jacqueline Eroles, Charlene Tse, Jennifer Zamora

Pledge Mom: Jennifer Naval


Chi Class - Spring 2004

Linh Nguyen, Leilani Valdez

Pledge Mom: Hoa Tran


Psi Class - Fall 2004

Stephanie Choy, Krystal Corpuz, Isabel Gutierrez, Hanh Le, Leanne Mejia, Janie Van, Christine Young

Pledge Mom: Eliza Sul


Alpha Alpha Class - Spring 2005

Agnes Kanki, Kimberly Miyamoto

Pledge Mom: Vicky Ngo


Alpha Beta Class - Fall 2005

Holly Baloran, Phan Khamphouvong, Elissa Ma, Andrea Murakami, Stephanie Tso, Melissa Woon, Mary Yang

Pledge Mom: Ethel Pacis


Alpha Gamma Class - Spring 2006

Sandy Tang

Pledge Mom: Tammy Son


Alpha Delta Class - Spring 2007

Eileen Ha, Milyene Huynh, Luly Liu, Jessica Yalung

Pledge Mom: Janet Chiu


Alpha Epsilon Class - Fall 2007

Alie Bui, Betty Guan, Karen Hu, Kay Paronable

Pledge Mom: Leilani Valdez


Alpha Zeta Class - Spring 2008

Jennifer Lai, Yen Nguyen, Tina Phan, Annie Tran

Pledge Mom: Hellen Dinh


Alpha Eta Class - Spring 2009

Lori Kwock, Melissa Liwanag, Rachel Tse, Anny Wong, Ling Yip

Pledge Mom: Phan Khamphouvong


Alpha Theta Class - Fall 2010

Cindy Chow, Kimberly Hall, Charmaine Lacap, Kristine Moy, Christina Vien

Pledge Mom: Andrea Murakami

Alpha Iota Class - Spring 2011

Sharmaine Calub, Kim Hoang, Nicole Lim, Daisy Yip

Pledge Mom: Stephanie Tso

Alpha Kappa Class - Fall 2011

Kristi Imai, Leanna Joe, Jessica Osegueda, Nicole Shiu

Pledge Mom: Karen Hu

Alpha Lambda Class - Spring 2012

Junelyn Cabasag, Jenn Magaling, April Mancilla, Yvonne Li, Vivian Ho, Jessii Ardon, Meg Vivas, Nina Stevens

Pledge Mom: Jennifer Lai

Alpha Mu Class - Spring 2013

Desiree Chen, Joyce Eng, Michelle Guan, Kimm Lacson, Christine Letrong, Diana Pham, Vienna Quan, Terilyn Tran

Pledge Mom: Christina Vien

Alpha Nu Class - Fall 2013

B'Ellana Pare, Christine Gu, Ellen Noh, Jazzmyn Paguirigan, Phoung Tang, Zhiming Long

Pledge Mom: Kimmie Hall


Alpha Xi Class - Fall 2014

Eileen Chien, Aivy Doan, Cielo Guzman, Jeanette Hoang, Allison Nguyen, Michelle Nham, Christine Um

Pledge Mom: Vivian Ho


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